Artone  NeckLoop
Artone Neckloop
Artone Inductive Neckloop is an easy
to operate and helpful listening
assistive device that help user of
haring aids to communicate via
mobile phone or listen to music
What is it?

The three products are made using similar inductive technology
that allows direct signal transmission to user’s hearing aid via t-
coil. All the products are easy to operate and helpful, listening
assistive devices that help users of haring aids to communicate
through mobile phone and listen to music players like Ipod™

1. Neckloop - Worn around neck.
2. Earhook - Tiny flexible adjustable hook, warn behind hearing
aid. 3. Hearing aid phones – Regular looking Headphones that
transmit inductive signal.

What it Does?

The three products in this brochure help receive direct clear
signal in to the hearing aid. The Neckloop and the Earhook can
enable Mobile phone conversation as well as music listening.
The hearing aid phones are perfect for use with an Iphone/Ipod
or other music players.

How it works?

Plug one of the Artone products in your mobile device, or Music
player and you are ready to go!
Don’t forget to switch your hearing aid to T-mode.
Useful info: The Artone Inductive collection offers passive and
"care free" products, all on the products on this brochure do not
require maintenance or batteries. By using various adapters,
the user can connect to any audio source and enjoy clear sound
directly in the hearing aids. When using with phone, the
Neckloop becomes a handsfree as it’s equipped with a
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Artone NeckLoop
Frequency response
depends on receiver, hearing
Transducer principle
Passive    ;   Inductive
~18 ohm
SPL (sound pressure)
depends on receiver, hearing
Weight approx
20 g
2.5mm (adapters possible)
instructions manual; adapter
transparent plastic/
Instructions Languages
Any on demand
loopset neckloop
inductive loop